Sunday, April 8, 2012

Colonel Robert Townsend

Ralph Green, the younger, resided on the north side of the York River in Gloucester County. On May 7, 1691, a resolution was offered in the House of Burgesses that the most advantageous site for the proposed construction of William and Mary College was on the land of Ralph Green. At that time the land was occupied by Thomas Baytop. Accompanying the Resolution was a list of the persons considered worthy of being appointed to the Board of Trustees. Upon a more careful discussion, it was decided that William Buckner's land lying on the South side of the river would be a more convenient location, also being nearer to the centre of the colony's population. However, another decision changed their minds, that is to build the college on land which belonged to the late colonel Robert Townsend, now in John Sith's possession. This land lay on the south side of the York River, situated near the place chosen as the site for York Fort. The latter plan was approved.
Colonel Robert Townsend was born in 1640 in York County, Virginia and died before 10 Jun 1675 in Northumberland County. He was married to Mary Langhorne on 6 Apr 1664 in Virginia. Colonel Townsend's daughter, Mary, was married in 1693 to Colonel John Washington of Stafford County.

Source: Minutes of Assembly, May 11, 1699, B. T. Va., vol. 1ii.