Monday, March 4, 2013

Merchants of Barbadoes to Virginia: William Sheers

"Know all men that I, William Sheers of London, merchant, have agreed with Mr. John Brett of Nansemond, merchant, that I, the said Sheers, is to receive aboard ye ship Francis and Mary, now riding in Elizabeth River and bound for Antigua, Mavis and St. Christopher, within thirty days after ye date, six head of neat cattle with provisions for them, on the said Brett paying for their transportation 700 lbs. of the best muscovado sugar, to be paid at ye arrival of the ship at either of above places within ten days, the said Sheers to find water for said cattle until their arrival, and one hogshead of corn or every one of them, freight free; and for all other goods Brett sall have aboard is to pay at ye rate o 350 lbs. good muscovado sugar, the penalty beng 1600 lbs. Virginia tobacco." Dated 1657. Source: Records of Lower Norfolk County, original vol. 1656-1666, page 133.
Pictured: muscovado sugar

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