Monday, June 2, 2014

Adairs of Scotland

Kildonen, ScotlandPictured is Kildonan, Scotland (Gaelic meaning Cill Donnain), the birth place of Robert Adair, is a village. The Adair families date back to the 14th century in Galloway. Robert Adair was Sheriff in 1426 and was married into the noble house of Campbell of the house of Argyle. According to tradition, Robert Adair fought a duel with the White Knight at the town of Adair, which was located on the Desmond Estate in Limerick County, Ireland. Robert slew his antagonist in single combat. He then sailed for Scotland under the name of Robert FitzGerald Adair, but after landing in Galloway, Scotland, discarded his patronimic designation and wrote his name as Adair. Some descendants were from Portre, Inverness, Scotland. One descendant, William Adair, was married to a daughter of Gilbert Kennedy, the Earl of Cassalis, ninth in lineal descent from Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland. The Adair families immigration to America was the familiar path of the Scotch-Irish. The Adairs (Scotch-Irish) began immigrating to America during the 18th century. The route was from Antrim, Ireland into Bucks and Berk Counties, Pennsylvania, through the mountains of Virginia, into the Laurens and Chester Counties of South Carolina and finally to Georgia. Everywhere that they settled, there was always a brave member of the family who left his mark.  The genealogy is extensive and is available to members of Virginia Pioneers

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